4 comments on “Top Things To Do In Son Tra Peninsula, Danang, Vietnam

  1. This is outstanding!! Rep. Bob Lynn (Alaska Legislature, and USAF Ret.), a Senior Director at Panama Control 1972, and 1973 at Peacock Control at Pleiku. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Greetings from Vietnam, from a late night.
    Thanks for your comment
    Could you please clear why saying Rep. Bob Lynn.

    Pleiku is one of my favourite corner with friends, nature and history. Mr. Ha Trong Hai is one of leading local Tour Operator who has deep knowledge about the historical site.

    Hope to see you in Plieku soon,

    • That is his title. He is probably a state or national Representative of his home community at the state or national congress in Washington.

      I was at the AFVN radio station on what we called Monkey Mountain from December 1969-June 1970. On a return trip to Vietnam in 2001 I asked but was not allowed to visit Son Tra. I was told it was a miitary installation and not open to the public or tourists. I am happy that it is now open for tourism and that your country is doing well. I became very fond of the Vietnamese people during my time there under unfortunate circumstances.

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